TASC introducing FireMisting – The Smarter Protection System

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Water Mist Fire Protection

TASC is proud to welcome FireMisting to the TASC Group of companies. Through FireMisting, we can now offer fire suppression & protection systems which offer a cost effective, environmentally friendly and less damaging way of protecting domestic properties from fire.

FireMisting design, install and supply fire suppression systems that use the very latest innovative designs to provide highly effective fire protection to a home.

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New Requirements for Automatic Fire Suppression

• In October 2013, the National Assembly for Wales passed new regulations that require a fire sprinkler or misting system to be installed in new and converted houses and flats.

• Changes were announced to require Automatic Fire Suppression Systems to be installed in residential buildings throughout Wales from 1st January 2016. This requirement applies to all new and converted:

Smart-Mist Fire Suppression

The requirement will apply to new and converted houses and flats, including converted:

  • Care Homes
  • Rooms for residential purposes (other than in a hotel, hospital, prison or short stay leisure hostel)
  • Registered group homes and sheltered housing

Although sprinkler systems can be effective at suppressing fires in the home, misting systems not only take up less space (as they don’t require water holding tanks), but use less water which means that if activated, they will cause less water damage to the home.

Burning your toast won’t set off a misting system! They are activated via heat not smoke, and temperatures must reach minimum 57 degrees celsius to activate the misting nozzles.

Approved Contractors

We are registered with Flintshire, Wrexham, Denbighshire, Anglesey, Gwynedd & Conwy Councils to install fire suppression systems throughout North Wales and are approved contractors both locally and nationally for the SmartMist System.

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Our in House Design, Supply, Installation & Commissioning Service coupled with annual Service & Maintenance conforms to BS8458-2015 Standard.

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